Fees and Insurance

Treatments Costs and Private Health Insurance Information 

It is very difficult to give a precise quote for orthodontic treatment without meeting the patient first. Orthodontic appliances and treatment times vary greatly from patient to patient, therefore it is very important that each patient receives a personalised treatment plan outlining their orthodontic needs.

After your consultation, we will generally give you a quotation for your full treatment costs, so you can be confident knowing there are no hidden extras. Your full treatment cost includes all materials, appointments (including those for unexpected emergencies) and a set of retainers, if needed.

If you have private health insurance, we will provide you with the relevant private health insurance codes to help you understand what you are entitled to when claiming.  To assist in maximising your rebate, we will give you a detailed, itemised receipt as needed.

Payment Plan Options

We understand that orthodontic treatment can impact on the family budget, so we are pleased to offer our interest free, monthly payment plans. Generally, a deposit is paid on the day active treatment is commenced. The remaining balance is split into monthly payments, which can be paid via cash, credit card, cheque or direct deposit.